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Trading The Wheel

“Trading the Wheel” is a well written and resourced manual for the beginning, or intermediate, options trader that has been written by a seasoned pro. With the aid of a simple, clever, and easy to understand graphic (the Wheel), Sue O’Grady shows you the simple-to-learn, repeatable steps involved in options trading for a supplemental, side-hustle income.

Drawing from years of experience and a deep understanding of the options market, we expertly navigate our students through the intricacies of options trading. While catering to beginners, seasoned traders who are looking to optimize their strategies are also given tips to increase their trading knowledge.

Written in an easily accessible, conversational style, readers will learn the ins and outs of contract selection, along with learning how to identify the most lucrative opportunities while managing risk. The author also emphasizes the importance of mindset, along with a disciplined approach, to empower readers throughout their trading journey.

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